4 Ways to Secure Your Home

The threat of a stranger, or even someone you know, breaking and entering always exists. However, this does not mean you must live in fear. There are certain measures that can be taken in order to lower the risk of being targeted. As we are here to ensure you have the tips you need to keep your home safe at all times, our experts have provided valuable information below.

Often times, people find that their homes have been targeted in part due to seemingly small, common mistakes. With that in mind, our team has put together some helpful tips that you can use to ward off predators.


Here are 4 ways to avoid inviting unwanted guests into your home:

  1. Always Lock Your Doors
    To some, this may seem obvious. But sometimes, especially for those living in the quiet suburbs, you feel comfortable keeping the door unlocked from time to time. It’s believed that the only people in the neighborhood are those who live there. This can be a dangerous assumption that leads to being a victim of a break in. Many predators can look and play the part of the friendly neighbor strolling along, minding his business. These crooks are usually smart and don’t rush into things. Rather, they patrol houses watching for neglectful patterns that could make their “job” easier. If doors are left unlocked, it’s nothing for these guys to casually walk into your home, take what they want and leave without every looking suspicious or drawing attention. By always keeping doors locked, even while you’re inside your home, you are subliminally letting them know that you’re onto this sort of activity.
  2. Keep Lights on at Night
    Of course, nighttime seems to be the most prevalent time for predators to make their moves. When it looks like nobody is home, or at least like everybody is sound asleep, you are practically inviting robbers to inspect your home. It’s nothing for a seasoned crook to check for unlocked doors and unlatched windows when it looks like the odds of anybody being awake or around to spot them is low. By keeping a porch light, and preferably one additional light on inside, you’re sending the message that there is a chance of someone being around to catch them in the act. It’s usually not worth the risk, easily deterring any suspicious activity.
  3. Latch and Secure All Windows
    Common sense may tell you to latch all of the downstairs windows. But for those in a multilevel home or who live in the upper level of a multi-home complex, you may not think to secure some of those hard to reach windows. However, there are those thieves’ whose specialty is reaching those high up places as they know security measures are often neglected.
  4. Close All Blinds
    Don’t tempt an unwanted guest to enter your home by showcasing what’s inside. Thieves are on the constant look out for TVs, jewelry and anything that could be of value. By displaying anything in front of a door or window, you are practically broadcasting that you have trophies up for grabs in the mind of a predator. Also be aware of the proximity of your more valuable items (or items that could be perceived as valuable) to the doors and windows. If a thief sees that something that catches their eye is within easy reach, they may be tempted to take more extreme or careless measures, knowing they have a quick escape route. Keep blinds drawn, especially when you’re not around or at home, and keep valued items out of sight.


Of course, there are many other measures that can be taken. From security systems to simply owning a dog, there are many ways you can deter unwanted guests. But by taking these precautions seriously, you’re also taking the security of your family and your home seriously, lowering your chances of becoming a target. Stay safe, friends!

Locksmith in Greenville, SC

As we’re here for your safety, we want to be sure you know your best options, no matter where you are in the country. As one of our own has just moved out to the East coast, we wanted to mention a wonderful Locksmith in Greenville, SC.

For those of you who have never heard of Greenville, it is a beautiful city in the upstate of South Carolina that blends the feel of small city and southern culture. Although it may be filled with southern hospitality, there are always still threats of break ins or situations where you find yourself locked out of your car or home.


Greenville Lock is a family owned company with over 20 years of experience under their belts. As we have a similar reputation, we love to recognize the like-minded Locksmiths elsewhere in order to assure you stay well-connected wherever you go.

This company has a full range of services, from automotive, (including motorcycle), to residential, commercial and emergency locksmith services. When shopping around for your own local locksmiths, we always advise you to check whether or not they offer their services 24/7. Greenville Lock falls under this umbrella; they’re available to you all day, every day so that you never have to be locked out or with a lack of lock security while in the Greenville area.

As timing can be essential in emergency situations, Greenville Lock has a respond time of 15 minutes to ensure your safety in a crunch. This was one of the main reasons we chose this company to highlight as we understand the potential dangers of having to wait for your locksmith to arrive with help. We also know many companies are known for their delayed response time, making Greenville Lock one of those companies who is ahead of the game.


One other reason we chose to mention them of all the locksmiths in the area is because they don’t outsource any of their work. All of their staff comes directly from their company. This is important as often times, not even the company who is outsourcing knows the sort of quality you’ll be receiving. And in addition to this, outsourcing can make for a more costly experience.

With cost in mind, we’ve also been told that regardless of what type of service you require, Greenville Lock will take 10% off of your first service.

As professionals, this is the type of care and service we seek out in companies when looking to recommend a trustworthy locksmith. If ever you find yourself in South Carolina, we advise you give Greenville Lock a try. From our own experience, we can safely say they should be your preferred go-to.

Great Product for Deadbolts

At The Locksmith Lounge, it’s our aim to keep you updated with the most useful information available so that you can feel safe whether you’re at home or on the go.

Because of this, we’d like to introduce you to a wonderful and inexpensive product you can take with you anywhere you go: The Door Angel. We love recommending this product as it adds certain security measures that cannot always be achieved through conventional locks. (Especially when you have no knowledge of the last time the locks were changed, such as in situations where you are on the road and it’s out of your control).

door angel

The Door Angel was created in order to ensure your deadbolt remains locked, regardless of your location or even who may have access to your keys. Even if an unwanted intruder did happen to have a key, Door Angel will be sure to keep them from entering through your door.

This is also an especially great gift for concerned parents to give their kids in college. Simply place this handy tool on the door’s deadbolt for a peaceful and secure night’s sleep.

Door Angel is also a sure defense against break ins through the “key-bumping” method. This method, learned by some robbers, allows you to open any deadbolt by repeatedly “bumping” the key until it eventually turns and unlocks the door. However, with the deadbolt locked into place with Door Angel, this method becomes completely ineffective.

You may find this item on Amazon, or through the Lok-A-Bolt website.

Of course, if you ever feel truly threatened, you should be sure to take the necessary measures by either getting in touch with local authorities or a nearby Locksmith. But if time, money or location are a concern, The Door Angel will serve as the temporary protection you need.

We hope you find this information helpful. Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or questions below. We would love to stay connected with our followers- be sure to check back into The Locksmith Lounge for tips and updates for all of your locksmith needs.