Great Product for Deadbolts

At The Locksmith Lounge, it’s our aim to keep you updated with the most useful information available so that you can feel safe whether you’re at home or on the go.

Because of this, we’d like to introduce you to a wonderful and inexpensive product you can take with you anywhere you go: The Door Angel. We love recommending this product as it adds certain security measures that cannot always be achieved through conventional locks. (Especially when you have no knowledge of the last time the locks were changed, such as in situations where you are on the road and it’s out of your control).

door angel

The Door Angel was created in order to ensure your deadbolt remains locked, regardless of your location or even who may have access to your keys. Even if an unwanted intruder did happen to have a key, Door Angel will be sure to keep them from entering through your door.

This is also an especially great gift for concerned parents to give their kids in college. Simply place this handy tool on the door’s deadbolt for a peaceful and secure night’s sleep.

Door Angel is also a sure defense against break ins through the “key-bumping” method. This method, learned by some robbers, allows you to open any deadbolt by repeatedly “bumping” the key until it eventually turns and unlocks the door. However, with the deadbolt locked into place with Door Angel, this method becomes completely ineffective.

You may find this item on Amazon, or through the Lok-A-Bolt website.

Of course, if you ever feel truly threatened, you should be sure to take the necessary measures by either getting in touch with local authorities or a nearby Locksmith. But if time, money or location are a concern, The Door Angel will serve as the temporary protection you need.

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